Música para jugar

Characters in black and white chatter in a cacophonous and colourful way.

Energy and humour are always present in Fanfarria Ambulante´s music, happily mingling cocek with chamamé, cumbia with bagatela or milonga with an unbridled freylach.

Music that seems to be coming from the Far-East, Balkan sounds that rumble on South American rhythms and then are elegantly touched by Satie´s veil.

This game is just an excuse for the four members in Fanfarria to have fun and share it with their audience. Watch out! Watch for your belongings, your pets and partners- the four artists will be kind but out of place, seductive but disgusting, they will make the public laugh but also cry.

Música para jugar tries to become that world in which eyes never age, as some grandmother once said.

And they all surely wear a hat, which cannot be taken from their heads!